2020 AIA Architecture Firm Award Recipient. find out more

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Tulane University, Barbara Greenbaum House
Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Tate Library
University of Cincinnati, Nippert Stadium
Rendering of the new Milgard Hall at the University of Washington Tacoma
University of Washington Tacoma, Milgard Hall
Brown University, Applied Math Building
Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Design Studios
Brown University, Friedman Study Center
Princeton University, School of Architecture
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Riverdale Country School
UVA Campbell Hall Sanjay Suchak
University of Virginia, Campbell Hall
Brown University, 164 Angell
Brown University, Sciences Library
Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Student Commons
Scenic Hudson’s River Center
Building Energy Exchange
Brown Univeristy, ICERM
Pace University, 15 Beekman Street
100 Flatbush Primary School and High School
Colorado College, Packard Hall
New York University, Institute of Fine Arts