Brooklyn Bridge Park, 99 Plymouth Street

Our projects in Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) give visitors what they need to enjoy the riverfront to its fullest. Anchoring the eastern edge of BBP, 99 Plymouth Street serves as a threshold to the park for visitors coming from the vibrant commercial neighborhood nearby

The project transformed a vacant masonry structure into an active building for public programming and staff offices.

We cropped two corners and replaced them with glass walls to bring in visitors and light. This simple operation also transformed the building by allowing unobstructed views to the park, river, and historic Washington Street.

The bright blues of Brooklyn Bridge Park, visible through the new openings, mark the building as a gathering place.
People of all ages visit the education center at 99 Plymouth.

99 Plymouth Street was the first of several buildings we designed throughout the park to help visitors make the most out of their experiences along the waterfront.