Colorado College, Packard Hall

Our addition and renovation of Packard Hall supports the art and music programs at Colorado College. The design strengthens the campus connection to the existing 1976 building by Edward Larrabee Barnes.

façade of zinc panels and windows at night

The project highlights Packard Hall’s clear internal organization and massing, while increasing program space for the music and art departments, and providing a new public identity for the building.

student practices piano below skylight

Capping the existing circulation spine with a new staircase, a new two-story common area in the addition brings daylight to below-grade areas.

students lounge in two-story satir common area below windows
masonry interior with person looking up at skylights above
Skylights through the first and second floor reinforce connectivity in the addition.

To create a cohesive composition of old and new, the addition’s form, material, and details responded to the volumetric, stucco-clad masonry of the original building.

façade view at dusk from across the street
light eminating from open windows and linear glass block skylight
At night, a linear glass block skylight washes the main facade with light borrowed from rooms below.
axonometric drawings of addition showing circulation hubs
The design amplifies the existing circulation to create luminous hubs, around which the music and art program is organized.
students outside the zinc panel facade on a sunny day
The façade’s angled, perforated zinc panels and rhythmic window pattern address the Colorado College quadrangle across the street.