Scenic Hudson’s River Center

The Hudson River Center in Long Dock Park created an arts and environmental education center in a renovated historic barn.

Hudson River Center, a red barn surrounded by trees

Located on a previously industrial waterfront in Beacon, NY, the 1860s-barn was originally built for manufacturing and storing insecticide. The renovation preserves its simple, elemental form and transforms the interior into a loft-like art studio.

workers outside the barn in its original 1860 use

The program includes a new ground floor multipurpose space for lectures and exhibitions, two classrooms on the second floor, and support spaces.

exhibition and lecture space with chairs and art overlooking river
Large glass doors create a new entry and strengthen the relationship between the interior and exterior.

The barn’s existing post and beam structure is exposed alongside durable new materials including plywood wall panels, recycled fiberboard tack surfaces and large sliding room dividers.

  • person ascends plywood clad staircase
  • windows punctuate the plywood clad barn at the top of a staircase with views to the park
people ascend ramp in front of renovated red barn façade

Designed concurrently with a new Kayak Pavilion for the new park, the River Center is powered by the Pavilion’s rooftop solar panels and is certified LEED Gold.


2012 AIA National, Honor Award for Architecture

2012 AIA New York City, Merit Award

2012 AIA New York State, Honorable Mention