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ARO participates in annual Daylight Hour raising awareness to reduce energy use in offices.
A R O Culture
ARO at the 2019 Climate Strike
Portrait of Adam Yarinsky
Adam Yarinsky, FAIA LEED AP, Principal
Portrait of Alissa Chastain
Alissa Chastain
Portrait of Allison Arlotta
Allison Arlotta, Business Strategy + Communications Coordinator
Portrait of Angela Estevez
Angela Estevez, Business Strategy + Communications Director
Portrait of Belle Stone
Belle Stone, AIA
Portrait placeholder
Christa Behler
Portrait of Christine Nasir
Christine Nasir, AIA, Project Director
Portrait of Daniel Kuehn
Daniel Kuehn
Portrait of Dominic Griffin
Dominic Griffin, AIA CPHD, Project Director
Portrait of Drew Powers
Drew Powers, AIA
Portrait of Elizabeth Levy
Elizabeth Levy
Portrait of Ericka Song
Ericka Song
Portrait of Gabriella Morrone
Gabriella Morrone, AIA
Portrait of Jay Schairbaum
Jay Schairbaum
Portrait of Jayne Choi
Jayne Choi
Portrait of Jeff Hong
Jeff Hong, AIA, Project Director
Portrait of Jenny Hong
Jenny Hong, AIA
Portrait of John Collamore
John Collamore, AIA
Portrait of Kai Pedersen
Kai Pedersen, AIA, Project Director
Portrait of Kim Yao
Kim Yao, FAIA, Principal
Portrait of Lian Ren
Lian Ren
Portrait of Luke Winata
Luke Winata
Portrait of Maeliosa Barstow
Maeliosa Barstow
Portrait of Matt Bohne
Matt Bohne
Portrait of Megumi Tamanaha
Megumi Tamanaha, AIA, Studio Director
Portrait of Neil Patel
Neil Patel, AIA, Project Director
Portrait of Stephen Cassell
Stephen Cassell, FAIA, Principal
Portrait of Thom Chiu
Thom Chiu
Portrait of Yongwon Kwon
Yongwon Kwon, AIA
Portrait of Zefka Sema
Zefka Sema, Finance Director