A R O Culture


A cooperative spirit is inherent to ARO: Friday pinups open design conversations to the whole studio, gathering the best ideas from many minds. The multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives among our staff and collaborators strengthens the studio and the design process.



ARO at Pumpkitecture in yellow tyvek suits in fron tof their carved pumpkin.
ARO at the Center for Architecture's inaugural Pumpkitecture.


Everyone fosters community, ensuring the office has fun within and outside the studio. We nurture a culture and practice of shared principles, and strive to make ARO a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive studio.

ARO at the 2019 Climate Strike


ARO carves out time for Research and Advocacy. Studio members are encouraged to take initiative on social and environmental issues within the office. ARO believes we all have a fundamental responsibility to be active and participatory citizens, and acknowledges that meaningful change takes time and effort.

ARO’s holistic framework of sustainability includes a Healthy Materials group that is refining the firm’s design process and sourcing. A Zero-Waste team overhauled the office waste streams and ensures that more than 90% of waste is diverted from landfills. The more recent formation of an Equity group is committed to ongoing and accountable action to dismantle systemic issues within our profession and process.