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Knoll New York, Flagship Offices, Showroom, and Shop
Architecture Research Office Collection
Knoll DC Bar
Knoll D.C. Showroom & Offices
Wooden reception desk with plant and computer surrounded by grey felt walls with Casper logo
Casper Headquarters
Calvin Klein Paris Showroom
Calvin Klein, Paris Headquarters
Lobby at Knoll LA, with the Knoll logo engraved in the terazzo floor
Knoll Los Angeles Showroom & Offices
Entrance to Knoll Houston, with Knoll logo on glass doors
Knoll Houston Showroom & Offices
Capital Z
Qiora Store and Spa
Calvin Klein Flagship, Madison Avenue Refresh
Prada New York Epicenter
Knoll San Francisco Showroom & Offices
Adrian Johnson razor mural outside a small Harry's conference room
Harry’s Headquarters
Reimagining a Midtown Office Building as Housing
Kingsland Capital Management
Knoll Philadelphia Showroom & Offices
Calvin Klein New York Showroom