Harry’s Headquarters

A new headquarters for Harry’s is based upon a planning strategy grounded in the company’s business organization and culture. Between large open areas of desking, common spaces promote transparency and engagement among their rapidly growing team.

exposed concrete, an illuminated ceiling, blue sitting area and coffee bar at Harry's reception area
Harry's blue sitting area with residential decor
Harry's coffee bar below illuminated ceiling panels
Coffee bar at Harry's entrance.

Following extensive staff interviews and analysis of Harry’s operations and future growth, ARO organized Harry’s departments into three active groups, linked by workflow adjacencies.

Harry's meeting in a conference room with a blue acoustic baffle above

Taking advantage of the site we helped select, each group anchors a corner of the triangular floor plate – maximizing daylight, views of the city, and flexibility for future growth. Each group is connected by an “attractor,” which provides dining, lounge, conference, and event spaces. They are distinguished by floor-to-ceiling wood panels and a color palette of shades of blue.

meeting room in use viewed from corridor where Harry's history is displayed
Conference rooms.
graphic displays of Harry's history exhibited along a long corridor

With one side of the floorplate almost 400 feet long, shortcuts between attractors enable efficiency and are meant to foster spontaneous interactions among the growing staff. Support spaces include product development labs and a variety of conference spaces, ranging from custom phone booths to small and large meeting rooms.

coworkers walk into a blue walled shortcut, lined with New York graphics by Adrian Johnson
from one corner of a triangular floorplate, two long corridor end in a meeting room, while large open workspaces line the office perimeter
Clustered departments anchor the three points of the floor plate.
a cafeteria with blue accents doubles as informal meeting areas and includes a communal kitchen
cowrokers meet at an island in the cafeteria, and a scooter is locked nearby
coworkers work together in small private meeting room that looks like a phone booth
Adrian Johnson razor mural outside a small Harry's conference room
open lounge areas with couches divided by translucent partitions
woman sits behind glass wall at the end of a blue walled shortcut and a graphic that reads SHHH

Harry’s new 62,000 SF headquarters was designed to support expanding operations for a transparent, collaborative, and relaxed office culture.