Qiora Store and Spa

A lantern on Madison Avenue, our design of Qiora’s flagship store and spa is a dramatic spatial experience that embodies the brand’s identity.

Qiora storefront shining blue at night

Meaning “light from within,” Qiora is a brand of skincare products made by Shiseido Cosmetics. Our design features the diffusion of light through layered fabric to create a glowing interior space. Qiora’s lighting is a blend of warm and cool light that are programmed to gradually shift over time, evoking the sensation of a cloud passing over the sun.

Qiora retail space surrounded by blue organza space dividers

Blue organza fabric veils suspend from 20-foot high ceilings, defining the visual and tactile boundaries between the retail, treatment areas, and spa cabins. Dyed milky white, aqua, and darker blues, these layered veils create a lit dreamscape of blue organza around the round spa cabins. They draw the eye further into the space, and create a soothing, ethereal aura to refresh visitors.

detail of blue organza space divider
The gauzy colors are carefully calibrated by overlapping layers of fabric and light.
Qiora spa treatment area hidden by blue organza divider
Qiora cabin view.

2003 Architectural Record, Record Interiors for Excellence in Design

2002 AIA National, Honor Award for Interior Architecture

2001 AIA New York City, Interior Architecture Award

2001 I.D. Annual Design Review, Design Distinction in Environments