Knoll New York, Flagship Offices, Showroom, and Shop

Together with Knoll, we explored how to elevate today’s workplace with intelligent planning and vibrant materiality.

several floors of Knoll New York illuminated in midtown Manhattan

Knoll’s selection of ARO to design its flagship showroom, offices, and first retail store reflects shared values of intelligent planning and sensitivity to craft. The spaces exemplify new models of flexible workspace design while paying tribute to Knoll’s 75-year history. In the offices, visitors experience a choreographed path of open plan, private offices, and activity spaces.

exhibition display of Knoll's timeline on a wall with Knoll written in an orange supergraphic
tables and seating along the colorful long Knoll textile wall
A 55-foot wall of 2,400 Knoll textile, leather, and felt samples define the circulation path.
orange womb chair below a staircase wrapped in orange felt
Two steel stairs showcase felt and leather and extend the showroom upwards to the sales, marketing, design and executive floors.
woman descends staircase wrapped in orange felt

Wellness in the workplace begins with the physical space: healthy materials, access to views and daylight, and proper ventilation and acoustics. This project led to our ongoing collection with FilzFelt of acoustic, architectural felt finishes.

man works at his desk next to leather wrapped staircase in an open office plan lined with red curtains
orange chair and side table in front of ARO Plank Wall
  • two private offices angled
    This mix of spaces supports a variety of work styles - formal, informal, public and private.
  • large conference room with floor-to-ceiling windows and an accent red wall
  • private office with transluscent red curtains drawn and a framed American flag
private offices and open seating featuring a bright green carpet and architectural furniture

In the store, colorful layers of textiles and drapery combine with end-grain oak flooring to create a warm, comfortable environment.

Knoll shop display
chairs displayed on shelves in the Knoll shop

In our ongoing relationship with Knoll, we extended these ideas to several other locations, in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Washington, D.C., and returned to refresh and expand this original showroom.


2015 Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, Award of merit

2014 AIA National, Honor Award for Interior Architecture

2014 Rethinking the Future, Certificate of First Position

2013 Interior Design, Best of Year

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