Knoll New York Refresh

All of our designs for industry giant Knoll, elevate workplaces with intelligent planning and vibrant materiality. Our seventh collaboration together, this refresh of our original Knoll New York showroom and expansion of its office and design spaces embodies a shift in contemporary workplace culture and a decade of lessons learned designing Knoll spaces nationwide.

Executive Lounge at Knoll NY

The updated showroom features new collaborative work and meeting spaces, including dedicated displays for designers acquired by Knoll. Lustrous materials throughout visually anchor the showroom / workspace and its varied furniture product displays.

  • Wood and graphic exhibition wall at Knoll New York
  • Conference room at Knoll NY
  • Showroom floor at Knoll NY
  • The entrance to the showrroom at Knoll NY

Reflecting a softening between work and home environments, the Knoll New York Refresh encourages collaboration and casual gatherings in communal settings. For acoustic comfort in these varied spaces, conference rooms are lined with ARO Plank 1 and 7, while ceilings feature ARO Grid, a new acoustic product from our collection with FilzFelt.

Collaborative work space at Knoll NY
ARO Grid, an acoustic felt product enriches an open conference area.
Felt-lined conference room at Knoll NY
ARO Plank lines a new conference room.

Knollā€™s acquisition of an additional 7,000 GSF of space within the building allowed for a further expansion of the showroom with a reduction in private offices, and a new executive and design suite with a private hospitality bar and lounge.

  • Private bar in the executive suite at Knoll NY
  • Collaborative work space in Knoll NY's executive suite
Knoll NY executive suite