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A New Campus for the Rothko Chapel
Kayak Pavilion at Long Dock Park
U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station
Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse
Green-Wood Education and Welcome Center
The Green-Wood Cemetery Education and Welcome Center
Visitors’ building at Brooklyn Botanic Garden at dusk
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Bridge Park, 99 Plymouth Street
Rising Currents: A New Urban Ground
Market Park (Five Principles for Greenwich South)
Rendering of the Frederic Church Center at Olana State Historic Site
Olana Frederic Church Center for Art & Landscape
View of the Providence River and Downtown Providence from the new Innovation District Park
Providence Park Pavilion
DOT Art Display Panel
On the Water | Palisade Bay
Brooklyn Bridge Park M&O Building
NYC Parks Comfort Stations
Scenic Hudson’s River Center
Five Principles for Greenwich South
Union Square Park Pavilion