Our research gives our work purpose and intention. find out more

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A New Campus for the Rothko Chapel
Kayak Pavilion at Long Dock Park
Market Park (Five Principles for Greenwich South)
Brooklyn Bridge Park M&O Building
Visitors’ building at Brooklyn Botanic Garden at dusk
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Union Square Park Pavilion
Green-Wood Education and Welcome Center
The Green-Wood Cemetery Education and Welcome Center
On the Water | Palisade Bay
Scenic Hudson’s River Center
Four Freedoms Park Visitor Center
NYC Parks Comfort Stations
U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station
Rising Currents: A New Urban Ground
Rendering of the Frederic Church Center at Olana State Historic Site
Olana Frederic Church Center for Art and Landscape
Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse
DOT Art Display Panel
Brooklyn Bridge Park, 99 Plymouth Street
Five Principles for Greenwich South
Rendering of a one-story building in a park setting
Providence Park Pavilion