Kayak Pavilion at Long Dock Park

Our kayak pavilion in Long Dock Park reconnects people to the river on a previously industrial waterfront.

The kayak pavilion in the new Long Dock Park, a reclaimed brownfield waterfront in Beacon, NY, is a welcoming threshold to the Hudson River. The project is economical and practical: the simple steel structure houses 64 kayaks and canoes, a changing room, and a storage area behind aluminum grating panels. Visitors can launch their boats directly into the water from the wood deck.

The design elevates the public’s direct experience with the water’s edge. The textures, orientation and details of the corrugated steel, wood deck, and bar grating transform these ordinary elements— elegantly framing the transition between land and water.

65 photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof power the ARO-designed LEED Gold education center nearby.