The Green-Wood Cemetery Education and Welcome Center

The new Welcome and Education Center will strengthen the visitors’ experience of The Green-Wood Cemetery as a cultural institution for art, history, and nature. Founded in 1838, the 478-acre Green-Wood was a prelude to New York City’s public parks and has become a cultural landmark.

Green-Wood Education and Welcome Center

The new building will centralize programs previously housed in disparate buildings across the Cemetery and will orient the public before they chart their own paths through the landscape across the street. Surrounding two sides of the restored historic greenhouse, the new L-shaped building offers expansive views towards the Cemetery and the Richard Upjohn Arches. Its massing is organized by a one-story volume that relates to the existing greenhouse and a two-story volume along the west of the building site, introducing a new entry courtyard. Within, flexible spaces for gathering, exhibition, education, and staff work supports Green-Wood’s role as community hub and will expand the city and neighborhood’s existing cultural fabric.

View of the landscaped entry to the new Visitor and Welcome Center at Green-Wood Cemetery

An aluminum curtain wall screened by custom glazed terra cotta baguettes exemplifies Green-Wood’s commitment to historic preservation with an inspiring sustainable design. The new building is targeting LEED Gold.

Landscape: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Graphics: Pentagram