Materials Working Group

The built environment and building materials have a direct impact on occupants, laborers, and planetary health. Wellness begins with the physical space – healthy materials, access to daylight, access to plants, proper ventilation, and acoustics.

ARO’s internal Materials Working Group identifies critical questions to ask at the outset of a project to maximize health and wellness, while minimizing carbon and energy use.

ARO’s particular expertise in acoustics demonstrates our commitment to healthy materials. We’ve designed The ARO Collection, a line of modular, architectural felt products made from 100% wool – a biodegradable and renewable resource that is naturally moisture-resistant and self-extinguishing. The 26 FilzFelt products are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, compliant with Lifecycle Building Challenge’s red-list-free criteria, and salvageable and reusable at end of life.

The Materials Working Group continues to develop best practices for healthy material sourcing throughout our projects.