Architecture Research Office Collection

Growing out of our material explorations for Knoll New York, we developed a line of acoustic, architectural felt finishes. These absorptive panels, screens, and baffles continue our prior design explorations that transform the qualities of humble materials while addressing an increasing market need for innovative acoustic products.

red womb chair in a corner of a room lined with acoustic felt, ARO Plank, and ARO Array acting as screens

The Architecture Research Office Collection combines the natural beauty of wool felt with pattern and texture to create architectural finishes that are elegant, acoustic, and easy to install. These felt finishes add visual interest and improve environmental comfort.

ARO Block, Plank, and Shingle are wall systems that enable variation across large surfaces by combining standard modules.

ARO Block

ARO Block is a series of modular acoustic tiles inspired by architectural cladding. The product arose out of a need to reuse post-industrial remnant material at FilzFelt’s manufacturing facility.

student studies at Tate Library in front of a wall with ARO Block 1
ARO Block, Tate Library
  • detail of the triangular orange yellow and red felt pieces of ARO Block 1
    ARO Block 1 uses voids between triangular tiles to add a layer of patterning.
  • detail of the geometric blue, light blue, and grey panels of ARO Block 3
    ARO Block 3 uses asymmetrical angles that nest together to create elegant voids.

ARO Plank

ARO Plank is a series of modular planks available in six standard configurations.

man sitting on custom pink ARO Planks assembled into a bench
Custom ARO Bench, Knoll San Francisco
  • detail of ARO Plank in green Spinneybeck leather
    ARO Plank 7 in Spinneybeck Leather
  • detail of blue ARO Plank
    ARO Plank 7
  • detail of gray and orange ARO Plank
    ARO Plank, Knoll Chicago
  • detail of ARO Plank in gray spinneybeck leather
    ARO Plank 5 in Spinneybeck leather, Knoll Chicago
  • detail of ARO Plank in tan Spinneybeck leather
    ARO Plank 5 in Spinneybeck leather, Knoll Houston
  • chair and side table against a wall of grey ARO Plank
    ARO Plank 6
  • detail of ARO Plank in grey Spinneybeck leather
    ARO Plank 6 in Spinneybeck leather
  • detail of grey ARO plank
    ARO Plank 8
  • detail of ARO Plank in tan Spinneybeck leather
    ARO Plank 8 in Spinneybeck Leather

ARO Shingle

Individual panels are tiled and offset to create a continuous, shingled effect when patterned across a larger surface.

woman passes in front of ARO Shingle mounted in shades of grey on wall, and two yellow chairs

ARO Fold and ARO Divide

Both portable screens, ARO Fold can playfully provide an on-the-spot acoustic divider, adjust to two sizes, and stores flat while ARO Divide offers a larger dividing plane to quickly provide privacy and enhance focus.

ARO fold, a mobile desk divider in yellow
ARO Fold
  • one bright green ARO Divide, a desk screen, in front of another larger and darker green ARO Divide
    ARO Divide
  • two green ARO Divides supported by glass block and perpendicular to each other
ARO Divide in red utilized as desk partition in Knoll Philadelphia office space
Custom felt ceiling and ARO Divide, Knoll Philadelphia

ARO Grid

A series of new ceiling products elevate the ubiquitous 2’x2′ ceiling grid. Available in four dynamic patterns, Grid shields views to equipment above and defines the ceiling through materiality.

  • ARO Grid ceiling product with FilzFelt
  • ARO Grid ceiling product with FilzFelt

ARO Attach

A flexible and easy-to-install desk solution for privacy, Attach’s versatility allows any desktop to quickly adapt the acoustics and performance of a workspace.

ARO Attach desk divider with FilzFelt

ARO Baffle

Acoustically absorptive baffles are suspended to create a continuous, open ceiling. Individual baffles can be arranged at varied spacing allowing for integrating lighting and mechanical systems.

woman walks below white ARO Baffle in Knoll Houston office space
ARO Baffle, Knoll Houston


Similar to Baffle, ARO Arc can be assembled to suspend above work areas and can integrate lighting.

ARO Arc with light fixtures above purple walls
ARO Arc, Knoll Houston
ARO Arc in grey utilized in Knoll LA office space
ARO Arc, Knoll Los Angeles

ARO Array

These perforated felt screens offer static and dynamic patterns that can be used individually or in a series. The screens and their geometric patterns delineate space, filter light, and provide varied degrees of privacy.

sitting area in front of orange ARO Array in Knoll San Francisco
ARO Array, Knoll San Francisco

The ARO line is distributed by FilzFelt, a subsidiary of Knoll, and has been used in over 150 projects for leading companies.

The ARO Collection is a 2015 Interior Design HiP Performance Wonder award winner.