A New Campus for the Rothko Chapel

Our project for the Rothko Chapel includes new buildings that support expanded public programs and the meticulous restoration of the Chapel building itself.

woman passes reflecting pool with the Broken Obelisk and the Rothko Chapel beyond
The south campus is comprised of the Chapel, plaza and Broken Obelisk, as well as a new surrounding landscape.

The design challenge was two-fold: to restore the sense of awe that visitors experience in the presence of Mark Rothko’s fourteen monumental paintings; and to create a new campus which is grounded in both the singular power of the Chapel and the unique character of the neighborhood without overwhelming them.

  • axonometric site plan of proposed Rothko Chapel campus cut through the chapel and program center interior
    The new Rothko Chapel campus extends across Sul Ross Street and includes landscape paths and rooms that connect the original plaza to a new public courtyard.
  • axonometric site plan of existing Rothko Chapel
    Existing conditions.
  • axonometric site plan of proposed Rothko Chapel campus
    Proposed campus expansion.
people approach the north campus under tree canopy on Sul Ross Street
The north campus is organized around a public courtyard, which extends the interior program spaces. Integrated into the residential scale of the neighborhood, these buildings reference the scale and institutional quality of the Chapel.
people gather in the north campus courtyard
A direct path leads from the Chapel to the Program Center through the north campus courtyard. A shaded porch greets visitors at the Suzanne Deal Booth Welcome House. Its use of brick and glass signify its public function and relationship to the Rothko Chapel.
visitors view presentation in the program center
The Program Center supports the Rothko Chapel’s expanding public programming by reducing the frequency of events in the Chapel, strengthening the visitor experience. The large glazed wall provides a public face to the community and allows events to open onto the courtyard.
night elevation of the south façade
Large glazed portions of the south facade of the Suzanne Deal Booth Welcome House and Program Center, shaded by a trellis and wood screen, provide an open, inviting face to the public.
section cut of the restored Rothko Chapel
In addition to the skylight replacement, the Chapel renovation also reconfigures the entry and improves acoustics throughout the space.
animation of original chapel interior and skylight, existing chapel interior and skylight, and proposed chapel interior and skylight

The project is targeting LEEDv4 certification.