Supporting Black Lives and Dismantling Injustice

We stand in solidarity with Black Americans and communities of color in abhorrence of police brutality, institutional racism, and discrimination. In demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and each person before them, we acknowledge the systemic racism ingrained in our society –  it is not enough to voice outrage in a statement; it is essential to take action.

We commit ourselves to the necessary education and actionable measures as individuals, as a firm, and as a profession to affect long-term change beyond this moment.

We strive to make ARO a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive studio.

We actively reaffirm supporting our own employees’ call to be participatory citizens and will dedicate more time to service-orientated engagement, understanding that change takes time and effort.

We must work harder to transform our own profession and support our Black and Brown colleagues to ensure a more just built environment that is indeed meant for all.

We encourage our peers to take action and are donating to NOMA and Fair Fight as a small and immediate step towards meaningful change.