SoHo Loft

The design of this duplex loft creates spaces and surfaces where natural light guides residents through their daily lives.

Bahia Blue granite plane defines large open living area
Blue Bahia granite is one of several large material planes that define the living area.

Extensive study and calculation of the sun’s year-round path across the sky influenced the layout of the spaces. The sun’s position in the sky corresponds with where residents will likely be in the loft. Early in the morning, the master bedroom receives sunlight. Later, the kitchen. Through the afternoon, the light court receives sun from overhead. In the evening and at sunset, light enters the library and living room.

From a second incision in the rooftop descends an “anticantilever” stair, designed in collaboration with structural engineer Guy Nordenson.

floating stair in center of large open living space
The stair appears to be anchored to a floor-to-ceiling thin wall of glass.
  • detail of floating stair joinery
    Stair detail.
  • diagram of structural stress study of staircase
    Diagram of stair testing.
sitting area in front if fireplace
  • stair case runs along glass with cables connecting each stair to the rail
  • long bathroom with sinks to left and shower at the end
  • diagram of sun path throughout day
    Sun diagram of the spaces throughout the day.
  • plan with light diagram
Then presidential candidate, Barack Obama giving a speech on the floating stair in the loft
Then presidential candidate, Barack Obama on our cantilever stair.
staircase reveals itself from behind large granite wall under glass ceiling

2001 AIA National, Honor Award for Interior Architecture

Seven Homes, 2008