R-House is an affordable, innovative paradigm for minimal energy consumption embodied in architecture that nurtures the spirit and engages the community.

man passes in front of R-House, the passive house
Sheathed with recycled aluminum, the house’s simple folded surface recalls the appearance and scale of neighboring gabled houses.

Designed for high economic and practical performance, R-House strengthens the physical and social structure of Syracuse’s Near Westside neighborhood. The project is one of three prototypes that were selected through an international design competition.

living area below large window
a man looks up at a woman on a stair landing that's open to a bright living space
Humble materials of concrete and structural wood floor deck, imbue the interior with warmth and integrity.

R-House is a certified Passivhaus, meeting the stringent German standard. Its compact exterior belies expansive and luminous spaces within. Windows open to views of the neighborhood and are positioned to receive warming south light.

large rear window and metallic façade from outside the passive house
small rectangular window on geometric façade of R-house
rear elevation of R-House
  • diagram of sustainable energy use for the passive house
    R-House requires the energy equivalent of a hair dryer for heating.
  • heat and insulation diagrams for the passive house
  • graph comparing energy taken to heat average home and this passive house

In collaboration with Della Valle Bernheimer Architects.