Garrison House

Located on a wooded, five-acre site, Garrison House integrates architecture and site. As a country home for a young family, the house is both a comfortable observatory and a base for exploring the surrounding forest.

garrison house in snowy wooded area in the daytime

The house consists of rectangular twin blocks, each 60′ long by 20′ wide, and terraced to match the sloping topography. The foundation for the upper block is visible from the house’s central hall, including a topping slab of polished concrete fit with radiant heating. Durable materials are highlighted throughout the house:composite lumber columns frame windows; corrugated aluminum cladding with a gray-silver finish reflects the surrounding scenery.

Garrison house entry in the winter framed by stacked firewood before a red wall and metal siding

Garrison House’s upper block contains communal areas: the dining room, living area, kitchen, and master bedroom. Four feet lower and connected by a central circulation hall, the second block contains additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

living space surrounded by floor-to-ceiling views of a snowy forest
open living space with fireplace surrounded by windows and views of a snowy forest
  • interior staircase leading up to front entry
  • detail of minimalist wooden bookshelves
  • wooden dresser and chair below framed picture
bedroom with red bed, bookshelves, and large windows
children play on couch in living area with kitchen in background
Garrison House in snowy wooded area illuminated at night