The Flea Theater

The Flea Theater is a new home for the off-off Broadway incubator that supports emerging talent and the broader New York theater and performing arts community. An ambitious adaptive reuse, the three-theater complex celebrates the friction between old and new.

the Flea surrounded by large TriBeCa buildings

The new building intertwines three theaters – the Sam, the Pete, and the Siggy – with offices, costume shop, dressing rooms and a green room, providing infrastructure to support active performing arts throughout the building.

Flea theater entry at dusk
”Raising a joyful hell in a small space” is The Flea’s motto – appropriate to the small building, surrounded by skyscrapers.
section diagram of The Flea
Building section.
people gather in The Flea Theater lobby

From the lobby, a steel and wood stair rises up to the Sam – a 120-seat, flexible black box theater.

actors sit in circle reading through scripts in The Sam theater
The Sam.

The Pete is a 40-seat, ground floor, indoor-outdoor theater, that extends directly from the building lobby.

piano and lighting in The Pete Theater with view of the garden
The Pete.

The Siggy is a 46-seat intimate theater, defined by restored masonry arches that formed parts of the cellar level of the former hospital on this site. The stage celebrates what was once the rear façade of the building, its openings defining portals to front and rear stage.

actors rehearse in The Siggy theater
The Siggy.

As the fourth building on the site, the project draws from the previous 1940s business / warehouse structure, built upon the remains of a larger mid-to-late 1800s tenement, which was built on the foundations of a late 1700s hospital.

actors waits backstage in The Siggy

Each theater is defined by a simple and neutral palette for scenic flexibility, and fitted with pipe grids, equipment, and lighting. The building is certified LEED Silver.

  • nine façade studies for The Flea
    Facade studies for The Flea Theater explored material, pattern, and form.
  • nine façade studies for The Flea
  • nine façade studies for The Flea
  • nine façade studies for The Flea
  • nine façade studies for The Flea
  • nine façade studies for The Flea