Desbrosses Loft

We united two separate TriBeCa units into a single duplex loft apartment for a young family and their art collection.

large portrait hangs on wall of decorated open living space with exposed beams

The integration of new and old, in addition to crisp planar elements juxtaposed with rough, older materials are recurring themes throughout the loft. Flooring, structural decking, and wood beams used in the turn-of-the-century industrial building’s original construction were removed to create a new two-story internal space for a mezzanine and living room. Choice timbers were salvaged, re-milled and incorporated in the design as new mezzanine deck, steps, and benches; the concrete structure was also exposed.

furniture and art fills bright open living space
Light from a wall of windows at the fore of the loft penetrates far into the plan.
exposed wooden beams cross over open living space
Strong sightlines crisscross the loft.
modern kitchen open to a staircase landing and gallery wall beyond
large photograph over staircase landing
sinks, bathtub, and shower in white minimalist bathroom
grid gallery wall in bathroom

When open, full-height pivot doors on the bedroom spaces nest into the wall planes, enhancing the open character of the space by allowing unobstructed views. An extensive photography collection, diversely displayed and framed, emphasizes motifs of light and visibility.

hallway towards dining area with illuminated work of art above