The Corrulamp-1 lamp prototype explores the unexpected qualities of everyday materials.

lasercut cardboard lamp reflecting corrugation pattern

Assembled from elliptical pieces of laser-cut corrugated cardboard, each consecutive layer of cardboard is rotated slightly to the corrugation, such that the lamp’s light and transparency levels vary according to the viewer’s position.

elevation view of lasercut cardboard lamp
detail of lamp pattern

Manufacturing requires three drawings and nine sheets of 18″ x 24″ standard cardboard. The cardboard ribbons are glued together using a basic craft adhesive. In its hanging version, a string harness suspends the shade around the light bulb; in its tabletop version, the lamp is elevated by wire legs.



The Corrulamp-1 has appeared in museums around the world, including Zeche Zollverein, the Vitra Design Museum, Fuller Craft Museum, MoCA Taipei, and Museo de Arte Contepmor√°neo de Monterrey.


2006 AIA New York City, Citation