Connecticut House

Connecticut House is a new country home for a New York City couple in the Northwest Hills. This linear house, situated on a ridge, mediates between the intimate scale of its immediate forest setting and sweeping views of a wooded valley.

elevation view of connecticut house on a ridge, illuminated at night

The 3,400 GSF residence forms a long, single-story bar. Cedar siding transitions from solid to open along the length of the house, punctuated by full-height windows and doors. This rhythm conforms to a simple structural grid, exposed with wood posts at the interior.

covered porch running the length of connecticut house with wood siding overlooking a valley

This linear arrangement organizes guest bedrooms and a carport to the west, and the primary residence – the kitchen, living room, and master suite – to the east. It opens to the landscape and pool to the south and provides views from all spaces to the meadow and valley to the north.

open dining and living area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a valley
open living area with sweeping view of a Connecticut valley
view looking from living room into kitchen and dining area, and valley views beyond
sunlight filtering through living area and artwork, from windows

Fully accessible, each half of the house is linked by a central, skylit foyer that connects the interior with the landscape.

porch illuminated at night
partial view from the exterior house corner into master bedroom through the length of the house