Chicken Coop

We applied our typical exhaustive research to the needs and habits of well-bred chickens for a chicken coop in Easthampton, NY.

elevation view of the singled chicken coop

The coop’s ends are composed of cedar siding, while its simple rounded form is clad in lead-coated copper shingles. The folded edges of each shingle animates the facade in changing shadows throughout the day.

reflecting chicken coop shingles and wooden door
two chickens
chickens rest in curved wood-paneled coop
The eight residents benefit from radiant floor heating.
  • animation of light and ventilation considerations for a chicken coop
    Research into the ventilation needs of chickens, a crucial factor as chickens are prone to respiratory problems.
  • chicken coop space requirements and chicken breed diagram
    Research into the enclosure needs of different chickens.
  • a chicken egg inside coop

2016 AIA New York, Merit Award

2015 AIA Long Island, Archi Award

Chicken Coop in Dan’s Papers
Photo of the Chicken Coop with drawer dropped down
Chicken Coop in Dwell