Central Park West Apartment

A serene retreat high above Manhattan, this apartment has expansive views of Central Park and the Hudson River.

sliding wooden screens surround a sitting room

Located on an upper floor of an historic tower, its plan comprises 2,500 square feet of spaces arrayed around the building’s periphery.

screens slide along a living room and sitting room

Our lattice screen designs milled from fiberboard unite the apartment as both functional and decorative elements. Stationary lattice panels line the interior walls of the dining room and master bedroom. Light from the ceiling rakes the lattice panels to emphasize their texture.

screens slightly opened to reveal living room
Situated between the living and sitting rooms, the screens mediate daylight and views.
dining room and table surrounded by sliding screen doors
The appearance and opacity of each screen alters with the viewer's posture and position in the apartment.
modern sink in semi-translucent orange resin
  • modern furniture of lamp next to desk and chair
  • chair and coffee table in front of fireplace
  • detail of running kitchen sink
  • lasercut pattern studies laid out on a table
    The screens originated in our prior research using a laser cutter to transform ordinary materials like paper and cardboard into expressive elements.
  • CNC router carving out screen pattern
  • fabricated screen in a woodshop
  • detail of screen pattern

The apartment incorporates sustainable materials and products, such as recycled cotton insulation, FSC-certified white oak flooring and sycamore veneer, Pennsylvania slate, and the restored original steel kitchen cabinets.


2006 AIA New York State, Design Citation

Seven Homes, 2008