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man sitting on custom pink ARO Planks assembled into a bench
Architecture Research Office Collection
Woman speaks with male receptionist at Knoll Philadelphia under decorative ceiling installation
Knoll Philadelphia Showroom & Offices
Knoll Houston corner of purple conference room around the corner from a long textile wall below ARO baffle
Knoll Houston Showroom & Offices
Knoll Los Angeles Showroom & Offices
elevation view of lasercut cardboard lamp
woman descends staircase wrapped in orange felt
Knoll New York, Flagship Offices, Showroom, and Shop
Central Park West Apartment
office space with portrait graphic above a red scultpure
Knoll San Francisco Showroom & Offices
entry of home with view through the house to the Atlantic Ocean
Martha’s Vineyard House
home in open field surrounded by yellow forest
Colorado House
elevation view of the singled chicken coop
Chicken Coop