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Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse + M&O Building
transparent house corner view into master bedroom and house overlooking a valley
Connecticut House
A New Campus for the Rothko Chapel
Kayak Pavilion at Long Dock Park
exterior view of home from a Bucks County meadow
Bucks County Residence
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
white lake house lobby with art on display
Lakeside Home
Brooklyn Bridge Park, 99 Plymouth Street
home in open field surrounded by yellow forest
Colorado House
Olana landscape on lake's shore
Olana Visitor Center
entry of home with view through the house to the Atlantic Ocean
Martha’s Vineyard House
teacher and students walking past zinc and blue concrete façade
Riverdale Country School
Union Square Park Pavilion
aerial of Lower Manhattan with proposed islands
On the Water | Palisade Bay
lower Manhattan with proposed landscape buffer
Rising Currents: A New Urban Ground