Capital Z

A new headquarters for Capital Z Partners, a financial services firm, reflected an unconventional office culture while showcasing their extensive art collections—in a SoHo warehouse.

office sitting area surrounded by translucent walls

Before implementing our design, the 19th-century warehouse itself was completely rehabilitated, including extensive masonry repair, a new roof structure, new foundations and a new sidewalk, as well as replacement of the existing windows. The qualities of the existing building’s industrial character informed the renovation’s palette of blackened steel, cherry wood, and acid-etched glass.

19th century warehouse render
cherry wood and blackened steel at reception area
Cherry wood and blackened steel were featured throughout.

The upper four floors contain offices organized around central communal spaces with translucent partitions of extruded polycarbonate. The light-filled workplace supports the client’s philosophy of intense activity within a nontraditional work environment.

sitting area surrounded by translucent partitions
Built-in cabinetry, desks, and chairs were custom-designed by ARO for the project.
lounge area
office café area looking out onto patio
  • construction view of structural base building renovation
    Views of the base building renovation.
  • base building renovation construction
  • base building renovation construction