Brown Univeristy, ICERM

A spirit of collaboration defines the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) at Brown University. One of eight National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes, ICERM’s mission is to support and broaden the relationship between mathematics and computation.

wide ICERM lobby with writable walls beyond and staircase descending below

On the top two floors of a downtown Providence office building, we transformed existing law offices into 16,500 SF of collaborative work environments, offices, and lecture hall facilities. Environments for this residency and research facility promote individual and collaborative work, including writable surfaces for computation and shared work.

two people use writable glass panels to work on equations

The 100-seat lecture hall, defined by tall ceilings and spectacular views of downtown Providence, incorporates a glowing glass wall which supports technology for formal presentations. The wall doubles as another writable surface outside the hall for collaborative discussion.

class gathered in lecture hall, facing a wall of transluscent glass and surrounded by expansive Providence views
people work in open blue seating area while some work on writable glass panels
The lecture hall's 14’ tall glass panels as writable surfaces.
curved chalkboard wall filled with text
Painted chalkboards, whiteboards, and glass panels are provided throughout the floor.
The two floors of ICERM illuminated at night at the top of an office building from the Providence River